So this weekend we, Team Butchers, have been on a camp in Norway together with Team RX performance. It was set up by The Progrm, John Singleton and held by Arnald to prep for Games which is in less than 3 weeks.(!!!!)DAY 1 – ThursdayFirst day of the camp we arrived by early afternoon and went straight to the gym.The workout was a “nice” little twist we didn’t know about:Team:Females complete than males:21 Clusters (share anyhow) 40/3021 synchronized pull-ups15 Clusters15 pull-ups9 Clusters9 pull-upsDirectly intoIn pares of female+male instead:15 Thrusters (share anyhow) 60/4515 synchronized chest to bar12 Thrusters12 chest to bar9 Thrusters9 chest to barWhen we were done, we went trough the workout, what we could have done better etc. AND THEN he told us to re-do it 😅🔫. Thought he was joking first but he wasn’t haha. Mental test number one.DAY 2 – FridayA little soreness from all the pull-ups straight into a lot of gymnastic work! For time:40/30 cal row30 pegboard (😛) share anyhow800m run 30 paralette HSPU share anyhow40/30 cal assault bikeThen we had an evening session as well with some heavy barbell work and a lot of burpees. I almost PR’d my powerclean with 100kg, not a joke how close I was. Next time I guess.. DAY 3 – SaturdayStarted outside by a beautiful lake where we did swimming. It was 12 Celsius degrees outside and maybe 17 degrees in the water 😂❄️. And we did a total of 800m-1km swim, I was totally cooled down after. Took me over one hour to get warm again or back to my normal body temperature haha. Hope it’s warmer in Madison! Then in the evening we did some cool strongman stuff, tried log for the first time and then we did some yoke carry and stone hold.DAY 4 – SundayAlarm 4.45, cars took of 5.30 for a run in the mountain. Pretty early….. we did 800m of stairs run, yes it was stairs ALL the way up and it took us almost 15 minutes to climb 800m. My legs was on fire but it was a cool experience and the view at the top were amazing! So that sums up basically the whole camp! It was a nice and fun one. We definitely feel ready to attack Games now and do our very best and just enjoy every moment of this 🙌🏼See ya //Rebecka

This is what make us the perfect team together:Julian SQUAT – for the strength Rasmus BRUPEES – for the cardioChristina MUSCLEUP – for the gymnasticsRebecka CLEAN – for the weightlifting A mix of everything is just the best combination 👊🏼! Training lately have been a bit low, some de-load and right now we’re on the plane ✈️ towards Norway for a Training camp organized by The Progrm. It is a Games Prep camp together with the Norwegian team “RX Perfomance” who came third place at Regionals. It is going to be so much fun and inspiring, and just a perfect upload for games. We have no idea what we are going to do so it is a “prepare for everything” style. We are looking forward and our first session is going to be tonight, Thursday evening. After this weekend it is only three weeks until go-time, how crazy? I don’t think I’m ever gonna believe it is true we made it to the Games. But yeah, some updates after the camp, stay tuned🤗//See ya Rebecka

Waow! So our mountain bike last week.. was one of the coolest thing I have ever tried haha. It’s crazy how unexperienced we are sometimes in this big world and how much there is to explore.

If you want to do something fun and cool, get some adrenaline and forget your fears, then you should definitely try mountain bike!

Think we were out for almost 2 hours biking around, over obstacles, high hills, downhills and speeds. Maybe around 20km in total, but it didn’t feel like that at all! And before I got home and was aaaall tired I was pretty high on Adrenalin haha!

This week we haven’t got so much team training and we are all in need of some de-load. Sometimes it feels like you doing no training at all and still getting so tired. But I guess it’s normal on this level because of all the psychical and mental game as well. All the new stuff we are trying and also try to do 100% every training.

I can feel that I don’t even get fully recovered this days by only taking one day of. It’s so important with the right sleep and ALL the food that needs to be eaten.

Well, need to wake me up sometimes and remind me that I’m soon, in one month gonna be doing my biggest dream!! No pressure, just enjoy every single second of it and have fun! Couldn’t wish for more!

See you// Rebecka

So every week we are trying to do something different and that is unusual from our normal and regularly training in the gym. Both because we want to be prepared for anything at the Games but also to have fun and team building along the road.

What we did last week was to try paddle board / SUP and it was so much fun. We learned basic stuff like how to actually be most efficient on a paddle board and how to move fast. We went for a trip just to get a good technique and then we ended up with a cool workout together with the paddle boards! So fun!

We did, For time:
On land:
25 KB-swings 32/24kg
25 Pushups
Then straight into,

On water with SUP:
200m paddle
21 burpees
21 Overhead squats
200m paddle
15 burpees
15 overhead squats
200m paddle
9 burpees
9 Overhead squats
200m paddle
Then straight into on land:

25 Pushups
25 KB-swings

Tomorrow, we are gonna try mountain bike, and I have a feeling I am gonna die haha. But looking forward, love trying all this new stuff!

See ya!!//Rebecka


Last week we joined a big run in Denmark which is called ”Hærløbet” where all the money goes to Soldier’s ”SOS package”. Within that run there was some soldiers that organized a ”Burden run” for just some special invitations. It was to kind of give a feeling of how it is to move  with all the stuff a soldier moves around with everyday. It was hard but so much fun and a good experience for Games! 😀

So we ran 5k each in teams of 5 people. We made our own GIRLS ONLY team but wasn’t allowed to scale the weights, thank good we are strong ;).

Within the team we had to wear 3 weight wests all the time of 10kg each and 2 heavy guns.
Every 1k there was something to carry over to next checkpoint.
First one was two tires that needed contact with the floor all the time.
Second was two big ”gas bottles” filled with water, so heavy and unstable haha..
Third: a big sandbag of 50kg.
Fourht: 3 Ammunitions boxes.
And last, fifth, a stretcher where one of us had to lay down on all the way to the finish line!!

All the Games training is actually pretty fun! And I think all of us don’t have to much pressure, we only trying to do the best we can out of it. And is a lot outside normal training which maybe makes it a little bit more fun and ‘interesting’.

Yesterday we were doing swim workout out in the harbor, and damn that was hard haha. The most annoying thing was that we couldn’t see anything in the water and it was coooold. Needs to get done anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️.

We did:

100m swim each + 20 symchro burpees

200m swim each + 20 synchro burpees

300m swim each + 10 synchro burpees

400m swim each + 10 synchro burpees (I gave up on this last one after 200 meters haha… 😅)

See ya!


So what happened with me and my team, Team Butchers after Open qualifiers?
A little short Summary:

We made it to Regionals, North European Championship in Berlin with a 4th place going in to the competition. Without too high expectations and a goal of top 10 we wanted to go there to have fun and enjoy first time being at the Regionals for the three of us.

It went out much better than expected ended 5th place (!!!) and took the last spot for Word Championship in Crossfit, yes, we made it to the GAMES! It was unbelievable and all of us, the coaches, supporters, all where so surprised and the moment of the announcement still gives us goosebumps. It is for sure one of my best moments ever in my life, and now we are gonna experience something even bigger than that, being AT-THE-GAMES.

Right now we are in full swing of team training again after 2 weeks of ”break” for all of us. We all had our own rutins of how to recover. Me myself rested for one whole week and the other week was just easy training and stuff I thought was fun and that I felt I wanted to do. No push, no pressure.

We have little less than 2 month now until it is game time. It will start 1st of August in Madsion, Winsconsin in USA. The training is all sort of stuff right now. Trying to do different things that we are not that used to. Like, swimming, running, paddleboard, strongman, mountain bike etc. It is pretty fun actually and we all were happy to start team training again which feels good. Even though we hated the Worm at Regionals we have missed working out with it a little bit.. 😉

See ya // Rebecka