Three beautiful news in our tights family! Make sure to get your pair before they are sold out..!


Upcoming Events 2018:

Halmstad Throwdown, 10/2 (SWEDEN)
Regionals North Europe, 18-20/5 (BERLIN)
Regionals South Europe, 1-3/6 (MADRID)
French Throwdown, 22-24/6 (PARIS)
♥ Northernspirit Throwdown ♥ 6-7/7 (SWEDEN)

Events made in 2017:

Meridian Regionals, 2/6 – 4/6 (MADRID)
French Throwdown, 16/6 – 18/6 (PARIS)  
Battle Of The Beach, 14/6 – 15/6 (HELSINGBORG)
Swiss Alpine, 15/9-17/9 (SWITZERLAND)
Compex Nation of wod, 15/9-17/9 (TOULOUSE) 

Alpha Games, 23/9-24/9 (NICE)
Torso Twisted, 8/6 – 10/6 (COPENHAGEN)

This blog gets you the opportunity to follow Northernspirit behind the scenes.
We publish about events we are joining, newsletters and following
some of our ambassadors life being an NS-athlete.

Rebecka Vitesson:
Trough the season of 2018 we will get to follow our Athlete/Model Rebecka Vitesson who moved to Copenhagen for the upcoming crossfit season and she’s now focusing 100% on being an Crossfit athlete, as almost full time job.
If you’re interested to follow her journey, she will update about it here in the blog.
Just follow the category ”Copenhagen”!

And we wish her all luck!